CNA Salary and Your Certification

The salary that you will get as a CNA will vary from state to state and also by experience. However if you are thinking about becoming a nursing assistant or have just completed your qualifications you are probably wondering what you might get paid. However, the problems are there is no easy answer to that question. The amount of money that you will earn all depends on where you are working, your experience, your training and of course the location that you work.

In general, a certified nursing assistant will expect to earn between $20,000 and $30,000 per year. This is not a high salary compared to many other medical jobs. However, it is much more than the minimum wage and can give you a good foot into the healthcare industry for further higher paying jobs. Mostly the rate earn is between $11 and $15 per hour.

The salary that you receive as a nursing assistant climbs the more years that you have been working. There will be times when you can choose to learn more skills and take on responsibilities. These are the times that you can increase your pay packet. The more specialized you become, the more valuable you are. A thrive to learn more skills even when it is not required will help you make more money in the future.

You might also notice that the salary that you can earn will vary upon the location that you work. If you prefer to work in a certain setting, that you may need to take a lower pay grade, however, this will all depend on your financial needs and employment preferences.

When looking for a job as a CNA you may find that some jobs offer a higher hourly wage but not benefits, and there are also opportunities to work on a contract basis. In these instances, you might not receive any benefits. Also, there is the option to become a traveling CNA, it would be a good idea to get to know about that a bit more if you think that it suits you the best.

You also might decide that your income matters less to you. If you enjoy working with people and helping people who are sick or injured you may think that the income doesn’t matter. If on the other hand you have career advancement ideas, then the income might be good to sustain you while you are working and doing your extra training and education.

The majority of people say that they got a job as a CNA because they wanted to help people not because of what they got paid. The income is quite good compared to the investment that you need to make to get trained.

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