Try a New Professional Challenge: Choose a Certified Nursing Assistant Training

It is never late to decide a dramatic change in your professional career. By becoming a certified nursing assistant, you will be able to become part of the very dynamic professional community, offering to its member’s numerous possibilities of employment.

By following a certified nursing assistant training, you will be able to work in various private and public hospital setting, independent laboratories or any other dedicated services, including mobile phlebotomy services.

Where to apply?

The Red Cross represents a major source for finding a good certified nursing assistant training. The various Red Cross chapters are offering professional opportunities, independently of age, gender and previous medical training. In many situations, you do not need any prior experience in the medical domain.

You should be decided to follow a certified nursing assistant training and to start the theoretical and practical training immediately. To pass the exam, you need to prepare various documents that may help you to start a new professional life.

The main conditions in this respect are:

  • Minimum high school diploma
  • Good mental and physical health

Also, during your class for certified nursing assistant training you should proof several professional qualities, among which:

  • Fully understanding of the functions of a clinical lab; skills allowing you to collect specimen for lab analysis
  • Entry level skills
  • Knowledge of patients’ rights
  • Excellent communication skills

By this preliminary evaluation, you will need to pass a practical and theoretical examination. At the end, you are a graduate of a certified nursing assistant training and ready to start your new career.

How to find a job

The primary source of jobs is represented by the various employment portals featuring local and international opportunities. The experts in human resources are recommending that before applying for a well-paid nursing position, you should have at least one full year of practice.

Hence, it is important that during those 12 months you do your best to learn as much as possible and obtain as many good recommendations as possible. Nothing is impossible for someone to passionate about his or her job. Long and late shifts, involvement in various complicated cases, learning on the run from experiences people are only a few opportunities that should be taken into consideration by someone keen to have a successful nursing career.

At the end of your practice, you could try to find a good job through the Red Cross. Besides good professional records, a job description for the Red Cross also involves good communication skills. You should be able to communicate easily, in English but also in other foreign languages, with different people with diverse backgrounds.

Besides, a job with the Red Cross is not your standard nine to five jobs. You may travel a lot, sometimes at very short notice. In some cases, you will only need to go from a location to another from your country. In other situations, especially in cases of natural disasters and civil wars, you will fly a thousand kilometers away and offer medical assistance in emergencies.

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